What Local Government means to me

Our amazing and beautiful City is so unique and special.  Although we are a Metro Council, much of our City is rural.  We also have over 30km of pristine coastline.  Hard to compare with any other Council in SA.  Caring for and progressing Onkaparinga is a job we all need to commit to, in whatever way we can.

Supporting Local Community

Local Government plays a huge role in our community.  It is key that those elected to represent the members of our community do so with an open and flexible mind and a willingness to listen to all the people of our City.  We are all different and what we believe to be important differs depending on our needs and interests.  A healthy functioning community is one that works together, looking after and out for each other.  The many volunteer groups, sporting clubs and organisations that exist in our community often rely on support from Council in the form of accommodation, grants, training, recreational facilities, maintenance, guidance and so on.  Without this support these people would struggle to keep going.  These are the people that make our City such a great place to live in, they believe in the benefit of community and I truly believe it is the role of the elected member to represent these people, with strength of character, honesty and integrity.

Supporting Local Business

In order to prosper and grow, we need to support our local businesses, our businesses employ local people, provide services to residents and visitors alike and make the City of Onkaparinga the wonderful place to live, that it is today.  Economic Development is absolutely a role of Local Government, providing support, resources and opportunities to enable our existing businesses to flourish and to attract new enterprise and employment opportunities to further that growth.

Supporting Local Services


I sincerely believe Local Government is about much more than roads, rates and rubbish.  Whilst careful financial stewardship is paramount when spending ratepayers money, the provision, upkeep and maintenance of our assets and services should continue in order to develop and improve the City for all its residents.  Elected representatives hold a duty to all they serve and should endeavour to constantly review services and expenditure, without stifling community well being and growth.  I believe, open and honest engagement and continual vigilance whilst still being open to new thinking and ideas are the cornerstone of good governance.

taking our City


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